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Picture a one acre dried-up river bed and rocky hillside, scattered with meticulously pruned Cabernet vines in perfect harmony. We’re not exactly sure who originally planted it but it’s always fun to guess noting the high-profile neighborhood.

Though the soils may look like a rocky, bouldery mess, in actuality, this Oakville vineyard is a rare masterpiece.

Old farmers would plant where they felt it would be appropriate, hedging their guess that mother nature was going to agree with them. The Stokely family holds tight to this old tradition and named the site after the patriarch of the family, Tony (Trater) Stokely.

We have our brilliant winemaker combine small lot ferments when everything is ready and the time’s right. We pick, crush and ferment everything separately to maintain the nuance and true character of the site.

Seems easy, but we must admit, it’s far from it. Since each vine ripens at different times, pinpointing the exact blend is nothing short of wizardry.